Tocantins River in the eyes of travellers: landscapes, territory, electricity

O rio Tocantins no olhar dos viajantes: paisagem, território, energia elétrica

Winner of the National Award of the Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial (Aberje – Brazilian Association for Business Communication) in 2014, in the category Special Publication, this work is a deep dive into the story of Tocantins Rivers and its surroundings, from the perspective of travellers who visited the region for different purposes. It is important to highlight that the term traveller was used broadly, therefore, it is a report that begins when Brazil was still a Colony, with the stories of the first agents who sailed the river, and goes until the present days, promoting studies that turned the Tocantins River into an important spring for electricity production. In addition, the work counts on almost 500 images that enrich and complement its content.

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Memória da Eletricidade

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